New Record in Whining About Christmas Creep

With a mere 40 days to go until Christmas the Washington Post has published an epic anti-Christmas rant complaining about…Christmas creep. Yep, November 15th, folks. That’s a new record for a very old whine.

They even headline the piece “Fighting the War on Christmas”, unknowingly supporting our idea that complaining about Christmas is actually part of the war on Christmas. (Of course, it is also the Washington Post today that is about a month late reporting on the latest skirmishes of Christmas music in the schools. Guess they didn’t want to break that news too soon).

They are not alone.

Salon, which seems to sometimes corner the market on snarkiness, just launched a piece about the war on autumn. Clever.

Out in Texas, a land of perpetual Christmas love, the managing editor of the Rockwall Herald Banner from some place called Greenville, Texas launched a tirade about his love/hate relationship with Christmas. Even though it probably pays the bulk of his salary he hates everything from lights to commercials. His comments about Christmas music being “musical diarrhea” are not to be missed but remember he is in Texas…so it is the secular stuff of Christmas he really hates.

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