Nearly As Many People Believe There is a War On Christmas as Believe in Santa Claus

In a wide ranging new poll from Public Policy Polling 47 percent of respondents said there is a War on Christmas — nearly as many (52 percent) said they believed in Santa Claus. (44 percent also said Santa is a Democrat).

While this poll is interesting it should be noted that the data was generated between December 5 and December 7, 2012, right at the height of the annual media circus surrounding the “War on Christmas”.

Our own polling on the topic consistently shows most Americans (78 percent) do NOT believe there is a War on Christmas. Most of our polling is done in late summer/early fall.

The definition of “war on Christmas” is disputed about as much as any kind of element of it. Many believe that the “War on Christmas” means an outright removal of Christmas from society. But with evidence of so much Christmas around us — from decorations to advertisements to parties to music to movies to foods — there is little evidence that such a “war” is having any real affect. How can there be a war when one side is winning so completely?

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