Mystified Media Struggles to Explain Christmas in Stores in August

Despite the fact there is an historic, ugly election going on plus the Olympics, a huge refugee problem, a devastating war in Syria, the winning Chicago Cubs, another major earthquake followed by an epic typhoon in Japan, sagging oil prices, and the impending death of Obamacare going on the media is asking this burning question: why are there Christmas decorations in stores in August?

It’s time, folks, for the mythical season of “Christmas creep”. That’s the mysterious, so-called season of disbelief that retailers would — gasp! — stock Christmas items when it isn’t Christmas. Forget the fact this has been going on for over a century. Forget as well that shoppers really don’t mind it, as the media told us last year. It’s a mystery, doggone it — a travesty. A sick sign of society’s decline. Something must be done!!!!

In Cleveland the media is just baffled. But they have taken a cerebral approach to merchants and they just ask WHY? Their answer: “Um, we gotta put it somewhere“.

In Chicago they seem perplexed when the National Retail Federation of Sicko Shoppers and Crazy Christmas Extremists explains that 40% of shoppers want to buy this stuff before Halloween.

And in Utah — of all places — they publish the first truly epic Millennial whine about Christmas altogether. Really, this is an editorial to behold. You have to read it. Wrong not only is Christmas in stores but also the fact that we don’t call Jesus Yeshua, is, for whatever reason, a crime against humanity.

Get ready for three solid months of this from the media. They are only getting warmed up.

The first reminders about Christmas layaway will hit TV screens just after Labor Day and that really unleashes the whining about Christmas out-there-before-December-23rd. Even in an election year when the advertising of all things takes a seriously twisted turn we’re going to hear nothing but moans from an industry — the media — about Christmas.

Forget that Christmas pays their salary. Forget that people love it. The media just loves to attack it.

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