Michigan Town Wants to Donate Giant Nativity After Threats

Small-town America is under assault from out-of-state threats of lawsuits and it is changing the way locals celebrate Christmas. Grand Haven, Michigan has for more than 50 years placed a giant nativity scene on a prominent local hill every holiday season — without complaint.

But the city received a threat of a lawsuit from a Washington DC activist group called Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. Now the city is getting rid of the nativity and closing off the hill from all public displays.

This is not your average nativity scene. Pieces of the collection are as tall as 18-feet and made of porcelain.

An annual Christmas attraction for many local families, the Giant Nativity Scene has other local historical ties, Radtke noted.

“It was manufactured locally by Challenge Porcelain,” he said. “It’s a part of local history, so it is something that we should preserve.”

A local museum has been asked to accept the collection and perhaps work with other local groups in displaying it each year. It won’t go on the hill and the city would not be able to have a part in the tradition.

A for the cost of a threatened lawsuit.

And we note: separation of Church and State is STILL not in the Constitution.

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