Merry Christmas Signs Return for 3rd Year

It’s Ok to Say Merry Christmas — that’s the message from an anonymous person in Redmond, Washington where for the third year the green signs with white lettering are showing up all over town.

“The ‘It’s OK to say, Merry CHRISTMAS’ signs are a form of free speech, much like political signs,” noted Redmond Mayor John Marchione. The city has no plans to remove the signs, he added. Since the signs began appearing two years ago, those placing the signs have removed them by New Year’s Day.

Local media says the reaction is mostly positive to the campaign but that there are some concerns out there:

One Redmond resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said they weren’t sure yet of their stand on the signs, but they are outspoken on the scenario.

“You have to think how much money, time and effort has gone into this, so my question is, ‘Is this good use of resources or would this money, effort and time have been better spent on doing something tangible for others?’ I think it would depend on who is putting them up, why they are putting it up and what they are trying to accomplish,” the resident wrote in an email. “Each year, this is getting bigger and seems to be spreading. This year, they added cards that they want people to take and spread around and these cards are very evangelical. Is this as far as they are going, or are they planning to go even bigger next year?'”

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