Media Whines About Christmas in August

Now that Christmas in July is over the media is heading out to battle in decrying the presence of Christmas in public during the summer. It has become such a tradition of Christmas they’ve actually declared a holiday about complaining of Christmas creep.

News station 6 in Boise just posted this breathlessly worded report of the urgent news of Christmas lights in a local department store. The Consumerist, of course, has their chorus of whines already finely tuned.

And in the UK, Christmas is everywhere in the news: in Wales, in London, and even in a pub where customers were evidently “very upset” to the point of cheering when the proprietor took down a Christmas tree put up too early. (Whew! Someone’s thinking of the kids, at least).

Even though Christmas gets closer every day the chorus of groans and whines will only increase between now and Thanksgiving.

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