Media Stirs Pot Against Kmart and Gets No Response has the headline this morning about Kmart: Ho-Ho-What the hell? Chalk up another media outlet that doesn’t get it.

What seems to want is backlash from Kmart customers and the buying public. Breathlessly they quote a comment on Kmart’s Facebook page allegedly from a consumer that commented — almost as if by magic — about a half hour before Time’s hit piece was published this morning. Hmmmmm.

Scrolling through Kmart’s public comments one can see lots of complaints…but not really about a Christmas commercial.

Where’s the backlash? Where is the rage of a year ago? Why aren’t people responding?

Because it’s not an issue. Kmart’s ad is clever and it reaches just who it intends.

Time sums up their piece by saying “Oh yeah, forgot: It’s not Christmas season yet!”

News flash to and the media: yes it is the Christmas season. Kmart is right on time.

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