Media Starts War on Christmas in Germany

There’s a movement against Christmas afoot — in Germany. It is being waged mostly by the media.

About 1000 people responded to an online survey in Germany last month that concluded German citizens were fed up with early sales of Christmas items and wanted a law imposed restricting sales of Christmas goods no sooner than November 30th of each year.

How many people said this? Some media outlets say “most”. The survey results actually say about a third.

Of course, Germany is home to traditional Chriskindelsmariks, or Christmas markets. How could a country central to the rise of Christmas Markets in Europe come to this point?

The truth is, they haven’t. Christmas is as popular as ever in Germany. The media there and all over Europe, however, is active in speaking out against Christmas in any way possible.

Many traditional symbols and icons of the season worldwide originated in Germany and Christmas is a beloved season of the year. Could Germans really be put off by seeing Christmas in stores three months before Christmas?

Not really.

The backdrop of this survey doesn’t take into account current economic conditions. Supermarkets and large box retailers world wide are mostly guilty of the early Christmas marketing and nothing they are doing this year is new. In fact, other recent media reports suggest that supermarkets worldwide are struggling and retailers are looking for any edge they can find. The early sales of Christmas isn’t new and may, in fact, be more pronounced this year.

In other words, Christmas in stores in Germany, like in stores in America, has been a long standing tradition. If people were really against it, they would not be buying it.

So why then these surveys?

Because the media continues to hammer anti-Christian and anti-religious messaging in any way that they can. Political correctness has run rampant in Germany in recent years as evidenced by the outright banning of Christmas in parts of Berlin last year. Observers fully expect more of the same this holiday season.

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