Media Misses the Joke in Kmart’s New Commercial

Last year during this same week Kmart launched a clever commercial promoting their layaway program. Kmart was besieged with complaints on their website and social media channels while the media had a field day bashing Kmart for celebrating Christmas too soon.

As we pointed out then — it’s a layaway program. The whole idea of a layaway program is to plan something out over time. 100 days is about right in the layaway business and given the recessionary nature of the economy of the past several years it has become big business indeed with Kmart competing with WalMart and others for the layaway business.

But, not wanting to rankle the media once again in their outreach to potential layaway customers, Kmart just launched another clever ad:

Today the media is starting to pick up the story and one very clueless TV station in — where else? — Chicago! — posted a headline reading “Forget Black Friday, Kmart Wants Christmas Shoppers Before Summer is Over” — once again, entirely missing the point of layaway….AND the commercial!

Showcasing their cluelessness entirely was this parting shot in their “news coverage”: “Kmart even came up with a new slogan: “Merry Birthday.” Christmas seems to come earlier every year, doesn’t it?”

The blind media assaults on Christmas just got taken to a new, ridiculous level.

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