Media Matters Jumpstarts the War on Christmas

The War on Christmas will never go away until one side backs away from the dialogue. That isn’t going to happen, thanks, as usual, to the overriding political agendas at play behind the War on Christmas. Today another shot was fired from Media Matters, who calls it a “fake” war on Christmas right in their headlines but who perpetuate the myth because all they want to do is expose the perceived media bias of their opponents.

In a post that does not actually add anything new to the discussion, Media Matter says:

This week, the right-wing media began its annual fake “War on Christmas” campaign, freaking out about a bogus Obama “Christmas tree tax.” Here’s what to expect from right-wing media during the next six weeks.

They follow this with screen captures, links and stories from past events in the War on Christmas, some of them true, some of them not true.

For our part in this we continue to call out Media Matters — and those media outlets that oppose them — in our War on the War on Christmas.

It is our belief that the “War on Christmas” is not really a war at all. Christmas is just a pawn in a much bigger agenda filled with politics. Christmas should have no part in it from any side.

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