Media Ignores Christmas in July

Christmas in July is in full swing in stores and on television — and the media gives it a pass. But just wait: come August and September the media will be complaining about “Christmas creep” the minute someone launches any Christmas related in advertising.

The Hallmark Channel has aggressively marketed their “Christmas in July” campaign replaying movies usually reserved for November and December. The event is popular with Christmas enthusiasts who post schedules and spread word of showing times on social media.

QVC is hosting their annual Christmas in July sales events, another enthusiastically received event that is followed closely in Christmas communities.

Many communities across the country sponsor Christmas in July events with craft fairs and makers of Christmas decor customarily use July markets, conventions and gatherings to showcase new designs for consumers for the first time each season.

But while Christmas in July gets a pass all bets are off come August 1st. Between August 1st and Thanksgiving the media rigorously campaigns against “Christmas creep”, religiously making note of who is guilty and worthy of shame for being so greedy.

Last year the media jumped all over Kmart for their pre-Labor Day launch of marketing their Christmas layaway program.

As back to school sales events wind down major retailers as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s begin stocking Christmas craft items. Most seasons they do not even advertising those items — yet the media makes notes and criticizes them, claiming that Christmas creep comes earlier and earlier every year (and how is that possible?).

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