Media Freaks Over Fox August War on Christmas Coverage

Christmas Creep has a new angle: talking about the War on Christmas is just too soon in August.

The August 14th episode of Fox and Friends featured Elizabeth Hasslebeck interviewing the mayor of Belen, New Mexico. It is a very familiar story: the town, whose name in Spanish means Bethlehem, displays a nativity year round. Yes, it’s Jesus on public property again.

Naturally, the Freedom From Religion Foundation protests and threatens to sue the small town for billions. Here’s the story from local news.

But the story is not the story.

What gets the rest of the media is that Fox is talking about Christmas in August.

Salon magazine was breathless in their coverage of Fox’s coverage of — gasp! — The War on Christmas in August!

They’re just freaking out about it.

Raw Story even posts a picture of a pouty Hasslebeck — as if she is quite distraught reporting the news.

Who is behind it all? Media Matters — yup, the left wing media watchdog whose agenda just happens to support….the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The Frisky (an ad laden site that appears to embrace any kind of contrary opinion) likely put it best:

Is it just me or does it seem like the War On Christmas comes earlier every year? For it is only August and already Elisabeth Hasselbeck is biting her nails and fretting that this
will finally be the year when she is forced–at gunpoint, naturally–to celebrate Hanukkah instead.

Here’s the funny thing: you will find more in a Google search about this story of MEDIA complaining about Fox….than you will of media reporting on the FFRF’s cases against Belen, New Mexico.

All this and STILL separation of church and state is not in the Constitution.

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