Media Claims UK Shoppers Angry Over Christmas in Shops

Christmas shoppers in Plymouth, England are evidently fed up with Christmas. A merchant there dared to put out Christmas cards for sale the first week of September and according to UK media shoppers are appalled and angry.

Mrs Ivey, who was visiting Plymouth to do some shopping, added: “It’s absolutely daft. I leave my Christmas shopping as late as I possibly can. “I think it’s a great shame that shops are already selling Christmas items because by the time Christmas comes, you are so fed up with it.

The article is one in a series that have popped up over the past several months attacking Christmas in the UK — a somewhat new phenomenon. But the anti-Christmas sentiment seems to be picking up steam in England these days. Last month a politician spoke of banning Coke trucks at Christmas because they are making UK children fat and when a department store opened their Christmas shop on August 1st — something they have traditionally done for years — the media cried foul.

What’s happening in the UK is the same thing that has happened for well over a decade in America — the media is trying to spur outrage where there is none. Free market forces determine the right and wrong in these issues: if items don’t sell merchants just won’t stock them.

The UK is famously Christmas crazy. Though time schedules in the UK vary slightly from that of the US they have for decades started earlier and celebrate Christmas longer than their American cousins. For years Brits have prided themselves on a lack of a “War on Christmas” in the Uk.

Those days appear to be over.

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