Media Claims Thanksgiving Closings Fights Christmas Creep

The trend of Christmas shopping 2016 is for malls to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day. The media declares this development a fight against Christmas creep.

Having a hard time putting your head around that? Yeah, us too.

Television KSDK in St. Louis is claiming in a new report that a local mall is giving up its Thanksgiving business in order to give mall employees a chance to stay home for the traditional family holiday. This, they claim, is the mall’s way of fighting back against Christmas creep.

Let’s give KSDK a little lesson. We’ll bet them any amount of money that all four of the local malls own by CBL Properties in St. Louis put their Christmas decorations up the first week of November.

You see, they don’t give a rat’s ass about Christmas creep. (And the public doesn’t either).

CBL is closing their malls on Thanksgiving Day for one reason and one reason only: money. Oh, and news reporters. They can’t have news reporters showing empty malls on Thanksgiving Day. And that’s exactly what they reported last year when malls DID open on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, shoppers did shop some last Thanksgiving. Just not at a mall.

They went to Kmart, Walmart and Macy’s, the big retailers really driving the shop-on-Thanksgiving trends.

Sorry, KSDK. The malls are no heroes. If they want to be, let’s see them give employees the same days off but just for the whole weekend.

Oh, never going to happen? Right. This is about money. And nothing more.

Fighting “Christmas Creep” is kind of like going to war against fog. It can be done….but who cares? You see, Christmas creep is a myth. A total myth. It doesn’t exist and there aren’t enough dumb television stations in the world to convince us other wise.

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