Media Assails Eatery Company for Playing Christmas Tunes

The media just can’t wait to castigate anyone who touches Christmas in August (or September or October). It is, after all, Christmas Creep Season — that time of year when the media loves to report that greedy corporate interests are pushing Christmas too early and too often.

In the news from New York are the reports of Christmas music being played at Pret A Manger, trendy famed sandwich shops with locations around the world, and the “torture” they have imposed on their employees and customers by playing Christmas tunes over loudspeakers during the heat of August. The music is centrally broadcast and was played at all locations. On it’s Facebook page, the company says “Whoops!”, citing a technical error.

But the media isn’t having it.

NPR reports customers complained about the music. The Consumerist called it an “aural invasion“. The New York Post “broke” the story with an “exclusive” (slow news day?), adding that the eatery was “subjecting customers to an endless loop of Christmas tunes“.

But that’s not the story we were told by employees and customers. One manager noted, “It was obviously done in error and we had a good time with it. Customers laughed it off when we explained that we couldn’t get hold of anyone at Corporate to fix it. They said they must all be on holiday.”

Twitter did reflect customer confusion but the torture some outlets describe is hardly justified. “All these places play the same 200 tunes all year long. Do you think Christmas music we’ve heard all of our lives is going to affect us? Yeah, it was a novelty to hear it but hardly worth complaining about.” one customer said.

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