Mayor Tells Family to Take Down Christmas Decor on Christmas Eve

According to local media the mayor of one New Jersey town knocked on a citizen’s door on Christmas Eve and asked the family there to remove Christmas decorations allegedly found offensive by another neighbor.

Working with neighbors the Alvator family of Tenafly, New Jersey set out 300 decorative luminaries to celebrate Christmas. They claim to have cleared the action with local fire and police departments ahead of time.

“Our neighbors, from all different backgrounds, sent their children out to help fill the bags and light the candles early in the evening on Christmas Eve. We loved it. We thought it was a great sense of community,” said Scott Semone.

But by the time they sat down to a Christmas dinner around 9pm the mayor was knocking on the door and asking that the luminaries be removed. He claimed a neighbor a few doors down was offended by the candles and that he, being Jewish, understood how this neighbor felt.

“It had nothing to do with religion. It was about bringing people in our neighborhood closer together,” Jason Alvator said.

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