Mayor Reinstates Christmas in NJ Town

First the state of Rhode Island admitted it’s called a Christmas tree and now a mayor in Robbinsville, New Jersey is reinstating Christmas as part of the city’s holiday festivities.

Mayor David Fried yesterday said his township is putting the “Christmas” back in its annual tree lighting ceremony, saying political correctness has gone too far in denuding the holiday trees of their original name.

The township had previously advertised the lighting event today as a “tree lighting ceremony.” Fried said there’s one word missing.

“We can say we have a Menorah, a Jewish religious symbol, but for some reason we can’t call our tree what it is — a Christmas tree, which is not even a religious symbol,” Fried said in an open letter.

“This is just not right,” Fried said in the letter. “The tree is a symbol of the Christmas celebration.”

“Christmas is about Christ’s birth. You shouldn’t be ashamed to celebrate that, just like we shouldn’t be ashamed to celebrate anything else,” Fried said. “We should not be afraid to stand up for our beliefs and customs.”

He said he was open to allowing other cultural holidays, such as Kwanzaa, their place at the township’s annual celebration and noted that he took part in a Hindu celebration at the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple on North Main Street.

Public schools were closed on Sept. 5 in celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year celebration.

“We shouldn’t be afraid of learning from each others’ cultures, understanding and respecting them,” Fried said. “That’s what our country was founded on.”

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