Masschusetts Community Decides It is a Christmas Tree

Imagine this: a New England town held a holiday event featuring a pine tree festively decorated with lights and December seasonal decorations. Being New England they had to be careful what they called it. After all, this is the land where Christmas was once banned. So they put up their tree and called it holiday tree, just like their famous neighbors, Rhode Island.

Then someone called the city. “That’s not a holiday tree,” they complained. “That’s a Christmas tree.” The caller didn’t want the tree taken down. He just wanted the tree called what it really is.

After hours of painstaking and heart wrenching debate the City Council unanimously passed an ordinance describing the city lighted tree they display every December…a Christmas tree.

Put this city on the map for a letter to come soon from the FFRF in 2013.

More on this story here.

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