Massachusetts Town Fights Over Christmas on School Calendar

Both the Washington Times and The Blaze tell the story today of Norwood, Massachusetts and the fight against a school district changing school calendars from showing “Christmas break” to “Winter break”.

It is one of the oldest skirmishes in the war on Christmas: The school board says the new title is more inclusive, which local parents interpret as an attack on Christmas and Christian faith.

Local activist Theresa McNulty thinks the School Committee’s decision to rename Christmas recess to winter recess is indicative of a larger problem in the United States.

“We think there is a movement in our country to demote Christianity and Christmas is the name of a Christian feast day,” McNulty said. “Christmas is the name of a national holiday. They changed the name of a national holiday to winter recess, and that offended us.”

The school district claims it is about much more than Christmas.

“The motivation for the change is if we designate a week and a half vacation for one holiday, we were giving the message that we are holding that holiday as greater than other holidays on the calendar,” said School Committee member John Badger, who originally proposed the change to winter recess.

Superintendent James Hayden noted Christmas is listed on the school calendar, as are a number of other religious holidays from various faiths listed.

“This is not a fight about Christmas. We acknowledge it. It’s about being representative for everyone,” Hayden said. “I hope we can get beyond being hung up on labels.”

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