Macon Christmas Lights in Money Controversy

The cost of spreading holiday cheer in downtown Macon is causing controversy.

Monday, Sid Cherry with the Urban Development Authority told city council’s appropriations committee that Bibb County would not be contributing the $2500 they thought was promised for this year’s display.

Appropriations Chairman, Mike Cranford, says the city has contributed about $5000 each year for the past few years.

He says this year, they were under the impression that the county would give half the amount.

Cranford says if the county does not donate, the city will try to find the additional money in its budget.

He says, “we asked the administration on both sides to look at this as part of the service delivery negotiations and asked the county if they would consider donating $2500 for the Christmas tree lights but evidently there is no Christmas spirit among them.”

Cranford says, “I never thought Chairman Hart was going to turn into a Grinch but evidently he is because the county doesn’t want to pony up $2500 to go along with the city’s $2500 for the downtown Christmas lights.”

County Commission Chairman Sam Hart says he does not recall the request to contribute to this year’s lights, or denying any request for funding.

He says the issue has not come before the commissioners yet and is not on the agenda, but he says it is something he would consider.

Commissioner Joe Allen says he thinks the county should help because the city is within the county.

Allen says he believes the county has contributed in the past, but says “we haven’t done much.”

He also does not recall making a commitment for this year, but says he has no problem with doing it.

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