Louisville Calls it a Community Tree…Then Wonders Why People are Upset

Technically, Louisville, Kentucky is in the Bible belt. People know a Christmas tree when they see one.

But as local media reports citizens are having to remind the city that a Christmas tree is not called a Community Tree. A press release issued recently by the city calls the tree a “Community Tree”, a fact that was not lost on TV reporters and local residents who immediately took to social media and letters to the editor to protest the political correctness-run-amok accusations.

The city says is was a mistake (how refreshing). They claim they have always called it the Community’s Christmas Tree. We’re waiting for the news to surface that the city was threatened in a letter or an email — usually by someone out of the area — for using the word “Christmas” in official city communications.

Mistake or not, a Christmas tree will still be called a Christmas tree in Louisville this year.

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