Liberty Counsel’s Naughty List of Retailers Shunning Christmas

Liberty Counsel, an advocacy group supporting traditional family values, just published their 5th Annual Naughty & Nice List highlighting those retailers avoiding use of the word “Christmas”. The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to the slow decay of support of Christmas as a religious celebration in America. Here are this year’s offenders:

1. Ace Hardware
2. Banana Republic
3. Bloomingdale’s
4. Circuit City
5. Dick’s Sporting Goods
6. Gap
7. Giant Eagle Pharmacy
8. Hollister Co.
9. Home Depot
10. J. Crew Outfitters
11. Kmart
12. Kohls
13. Lane Bryant
14. Marshalls
15. Nordstrom
16. Office Max
17. Old Navy
18. Petsmart
19. Sears
20. Shopko
21. Sprint

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