Liberty Counsel Publishes Annual Naughty List

Liberty Counsel, the Florida based advocacy group famous for defending the word Christmas in nearly all aspects of public life, has updated their naughty list of retailers who shun the word “Christmas”. The list has become a watched component in the drummed-up “war on Christmas”: anti-Christmas forces criticize the list as “Christians encouraging Christians not to act like Christians” and pro-Christmas elements like to use the list as a means to promote a war on Happy Holidays.

The list is famous for statements such as this about Banana Republic:

Web site: “Open for Joy” theme that uses “Christmas” colors, sounds and symbols but total exclusion of “Christmas.” Company purged the word “Christmas” in stores or other advertisements. Call Banana Republic to express your concern over the lack of “Christmas” during this “Christmas” Season.

Making the naughty list this year are: Old Navy, JCrew, Gap, Garmin, EBGames, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Radio Shack and others. The list also promotes retailers who make use of the word “Christmas” in their advertisements, such as Bronners, CVS, Dick’s and Kmart.

This odd seasonal competition to see who can be offended more is a byproduct of political correctness run amok. There is nothing wrong with using the word Christmas in anything but just as true it is not an offense to Christians or Christmas believers everywhere to say Happy Holidays, either. This debate will never be won and it can never resolved.

Liberty Counsel would be advised to stop promoting the irreverent use of Christ’s name (and they are contributors to this) — which is a Biblical concept –and instead focus on the broader implications of the war on religion in an open society. The true battle isn’t against Christmas it is against the free speech of those of faith.

In the meantime, brace yourself for lots of interviews on television and radio from Liberty Counsel representatives who will insist there is a war on Christmas but miss the war on religion entirely.

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