Legislation Advances Christmas in Schools

Several states are moving forward with their own version of protecting Christmas in public schools.

Now six states have Christmas in public schools on the legislative agenda: Indiana joins the parade of states looking to protect public schools from frivolous litigation over the observance of Christmas.

Senate Bill 326, introduced by Indiana Republican Jim Smith, would add language to the state code specifically allowing teachers to say “Happy Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” “Happy Holidays,” and “other seasonal greetings.”

It would also allow schools to display “symbols associated with traditional winter celebrations, including a Menorah, Christmas tree, Nativity scene, or other religious symbol associated with traditional winter celebrations,” if more than one religion is featured or if there is also a secular symbol displayed.

The bill also calls for the Indiana Department of Education to develop ways schools can introduce Christmas and other winter holidays into classroom instruction and displays.

As announced earlier in 2013, the state of Tennessee through State Senator Stacey Campfield has filed a bill in the state legislature. The bill is reportedly very similar to the Merry Christmas Bill passed in Texas last year.

Tennessee joins Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and now Indiana as states with bills-in-progress.

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