Leesburg, Virginia Tries to Get a Grip on Holiday Displays

Leesburg, Virginia was in the news a lot last Christmas because they just couldn’t control how people would decorate for Christmas in the town’s public places. They do not want a repeat of last year’s media fiasco and community uproar.

The Loudon County Council is proposing this year to take matters into their own hands. Instead of allowing the public to put up their own decoration on the court house lawn, local media reports say the county is now considering putting up a Christmas tree, Nativity scene, Santa, and a Menorah on the lawn.

You can see already where this is headed.

That courthouse lawn will not be the only place where folks will be talking this Christmas. The mere mention of a Nativity scene will set out-of-state groups such as the Freedom from Religion Foundation on their heels and will bring out the lawyers. Stay tuned, Leesburg will likely stay in the Christmas headlines.

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