Leesburg Goes Wacky at Christmas Again

A bizarre holiday display of a skeleton dressed as Santa Claus and hanging on a cross outside a Virginia courthouse has caused controversy.

Decorating at the Leesburg, VA, courthouse grounds was delayed until the owners of the Santa crucifix removed it from the property.

The skeleton was in a heap on the court house lawn along with a letter addressed to Christians, and signed “Jesus.” Many believe the display belongs to an atheist.

“I think it was horrible to have that on the courthouse lawn, and I’m glad it’s gone,” said a Leesburg resident.

To avoid the ongoing clash between Christians and atheists, County Supervisor Stevens Miller pushed a bill to ban all displays entirely for the rest of the season.

“Our children are going to be going shopping with their parents, [they] have a right to walk down the street and not be accosted by threatening, violent, nightmarish imagery like a skeleton of Santa on a crucifix,” Miller said.

The measure was rejected, leaving the conflict unresolved.

In spite of Miller’s effort there will be more displays, as Leesburg is decked out in preparation for Saturday’s big holiday parade. A nativity scene will be set up on the courthouse lawn for the parade, as will a display by atheists.

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