La Jolla Anti-Christmas Parade in the Works

The City of La Jolla, California — a ritzy-titzy suburb of San Diego — may opt for an anti-Christmas parade to be held on December 13th as an alternative to the city’s nearly six decade old Christmas parade, scheduled to be held the week before. Each year protester and anti-faith crusader Howard Singer claims the Christmas parade is not inclusive enough of the overall community and too flush with churches. The new parade will be called the La Jolla Community Parade.

We’ve seen this before — in the city of Omaha, Nebraska. A competing parade to the city’s annual Christmas event was established when protesters claimed it was “too Christian”. The competition between the two events made national media attention. Eventually the two parades merged when it was agreed to keep the word “Christmas” as part of the event.

The City of La Jolla claims organizers of the parade may be presuming too much. Without commenting on the clearly anti-Christian slant of the event the city says organizers are jumping the gun and skipping the process put in place to approve of such events.

Business owner Nancy Warwick has reservations. “We have a lot of street closures in La Jolla and the Christmas Parade is challenging for the businesses because parking is a huge issue. It’s a parade for the community so many businesses, including myself, support it for one business day.” She said it would be “shocking” to her to have her business lose accessibility two Sundays in a row during the peak holiday shopping season.

While the city of La Jolla works out the details you can bet media eyes will be on San Diego come December while they anxiously wait to see who supports the new parade effort in politically correct California.

The biggest question is if the parade at all will feature Christmas. It is expected to draw atheists, Satanists, LGBT activists, environmentalists and politicians.

Stay classy, La Jolla. You’re about to become the next big spectacle in the war on Christmas.

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