Judge Sides with Atheists, Santa Monica Christmas Will be Christian-Free

The atheist movement has won in Santa Monica, California — offsetting a recent defeat suffered in Texas. As we have covered here over the past two years about the Christmas controversies in Santa Monica the fight there came as a result of a beleaguered City Council who just could not make anyone happy. When atheists sued to be part of the 60-year traditional Christmas display that included nativities, Santas, reindeer, and candy canes the City Council opted to initiate a lottery system to dole out display space. When atheists won 18 of 21 spots, Christian display advocates took the matter to court to dispute the process.

Today the judge decided against the pro-Christian group, effectively ending the fight and taking Christmas down forever in Santa Monica (except on private property).

“The atheists won,” said William Becker, attorney for the Nativity group. He then went on to compare the city to Pontius Pilate, the judge at Jesus’ trial, saying: “It’s a shame about Christmas. Pontius Pilate was exactly the same kind of administrator.”

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