Is the War on Christmas Over? says the War on Christmas is over and that the pro-Christmas crowd has won. Their article highlights the recent launch of the American Family Association’s famous list of retailers who won’t use the word “Christmas” in their advertisements.

Randy Sharp, director-special projects at the AFA, said that in the past five years the group has seen the percentage of retailers recognizing Christmas in their advertising rise from 20% to 80%. Just eight retailers are left on the group’s list of “Companies Against Christmas.”

It’s also become more challenging to find a large, national retailer to single out for the group’s annual boycott. This year, Dick’s Sporting Goods, which boasts an online “Holiday Shop,” will be the target of the boycott. The AFA is expected to send an Action Alert to its 2.3 million supporters on Friday morning. That alert will urge shoppers to boycott Dick’s between now and Dec. 25. It also calls for consumers to email President-Chief Operating Officer Joseph Schmidt and then call Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hennion. The retailer declined to comment. In the past, Target, Sears, Gap Inc. and Walmart have been targets.

We likewise have seen a dramatic drop in the number of media stories highlighting Christmas controversies around the world. From lighting displays to the traditional debates over Christmas in public schools there just doesn’t seem to be as much attention or publicity about the war on Christmas this year.

Even the news of a “holiday” tree in the State Capitol of Washingon — again — is drawing little response this year.

About the only brewing battle ground seems to the one fight being picked by atheists who argue against organized religion yet have organized themselves to select Christmastime as their moment to promote anti-God attitudes.

The war on Christmas has, in our view, always been a fad. Usually folks pick on Christmas to promote one agenda or another. It is rarely, if ever, about Christmas itself.

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