Is Black Friday About to Get REALLY Ugly?

A group calling itself Occupy Black Friday and aligning itself with the Occupy protests nationwide is threatening to create disruptions on Black Friday. Their goal is to somehow influence sales in major publicly traded retailers to cause results for the fourth quarter to come in lower, thus hurting investors on Wall Street.

Keep in mind that we are not occupying small businesses or hardworking people — we must make a distinction between the businesses that are in the pockets of Wall Street and the businesses that serve our local communities. We are NOT anti-capitalist. Just anti-crapitalist.

Specific retailers the group is threatening include WalMart, Toys R Us, (how are they going to pull that off?, Office Max, Neiman Marcus and The Home Depot.

A call to action today targeted Black Friday websites such as and by encouraging their followers to spam comment areas of both sites with spam linking back to Stop Black

So far it doesn’t appear that their efforts online or offline are having any effect.

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