Illinois City to Fine Residents with Christmas Lights Still Up

Officials in an Illinois city said residents slow to take down their Christmas lights have only a little more than a week before they face possible fines.

The seasonal decoration ordinance in Aurora, which took effect in 2006, states that outdoor holiday decorations may not be up more than 60 days before or after their celebrated holiday, the Fox Valley Villages Sun reported Wednesday.

Officials said residents who still have Christmas decorations up Feb. 25 may then receive a notice ordering them to remove them within 14 days or face a $50 fine.

Second Ward Alderman Juany Garza, who sponsored the ordinance, said residents have been getting better about taking their decorations down since the rules went into effect.

“Over the years, we did pretty good on the ordinance. People don’t want to see reindeers at their Memorial Day celebrations,” Garza said. “Things are much better.”

Authorities said 383 citations have been issued under the ordinance since 2006.

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