Human Christmas Tree Gets Around Decoration Rules

A ban on Christmas decorations this year at the Staten Island ferry terminal in a bid to avoid lawsuits sparked an unusual protest Friday.

Self-proclaimed activist and Staten Island resident Scott LoBaido found a loophole in the rule imposed at the transit hub by the Department of Transportation and dressed up as a seven-foot Christmas tree, sparking smiles and cheers, reported.

“It’s just a costume,” he said from inside the tree which was decorated with tinsel and baubles. “You ever come by here on Halloween? People have the craziest costumes.

This just happens to be what I’m wearing today.”

He called the department’s edict, introduced last week for safety reasons, as “political correctness gone crazy.”

“A simple Christmas tree brings so much joy,” LoBaido said while wandering the St. George terminal.

LoBaido told the New York Daily News he spent nearly $400 on the costume, using mostly chicken wire, duct tape and “a lot of battery-operated lights.”

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