HuffPo Complains About Christmas Creep in FoxNews

We are as critical of Fox News as anyone. But this is one we just don’t get.

Huffington Post is complaining now that Fox News is reporting “the war on Christmas” too early — a weird kind of Christmas creep complaint.

Can Fox control when news breaks?

Really. The story coming out of Elkhart, Indiana has been in the news cycle since Labor Day. The school didn’t ask for the letter or lawsuit from the FFRF. And Fox didn’t rush to report on it either.

But it IS news — and darn if it isn’t a genuine concern to people who live in Indiana that have been celebrating the Christmas for the same way for decades only to have someone from out of state come in and accuse them of holding “an illegal Christmas celebration” (That still gets me. What are they going to do, give them a ticket?)

Like it or not, it’s happening, HuffPo. In October. We know you’re not supposed to complain about the phony war on Christmas until November. But the FFRF broke the rules here.

Whether HuffPo agrees with it or not — why get on Fox News for reporting it? After all, the story was covered as well on MSNBC. And the LA Times. And the Washington Post. So who is really guilty here?

What exactly is Fox guilty of? The War on Christmas knows no season — unless you’re an Atheist organization.

The FFRF only talks about Christmas until January 1, then they drop it until…Labor Day.

The FFRF forgets about Christmas between New Year’s and Labor Day.

Then it becomes pray and cross season, when they go after anyone praying in public or displaying a cross.

Christmas comes around for the free-for-all that it is between Labor Day and New Year’s.

HuffPo should KNOW this. They are one of the agenda drivers.

This really showcases how the media craps all over themselves to justify the agenda. The phony War on Christmas stuff isn’t supposed to happen during the phony Christmas creep season.

Man, this is getting surreal.


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