Homeowner Told to Take Down Sign on Christmas Eve

A homeowner in Washington DC participated in a Christmas decorating contest sponsored by the homeowner’s association — and then was cited in a letter delivered Christmas Eve requiring him to remove a sign in his yard bearing the words “Happy Birthday, Jesus”. The letter declared such signs in violation of the association’s ordinance against signs. The homeowner points out that the house that won the decorating contest has a three-foot oval shaped sign in their display which reads “North Pole”.

“What really bothered me was that they sent it on Christmas. I consider myself a man of faith. The sign shows to all of our neighbors what Christ means to us.”

Carol Piering, a spokeswoman for the management company, said the sign’s religious message had nothing to do with the decision to enforce the rules. “The content of the sign is not why the letter was sent,” she said, acknowledging that the warning could have been mailed on a different date. “The letter was ill-timed, and for that we absolutely apologize.”

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