High Court Upholds Nativity Ban

The Supreme Court has refused to hear a case that argues for the allowance of Nativity displays in public schools. This argument, tried many times over the years, supported the idea that because the Jewish Menorah is a religious symbol that religiously themed elements of Christianity should be allowed as well.

By refusing to hear the case previous lower court rulings on the matter will stand.

Skoros had claimed that the city’s policy promoted and endorsed the religions of Judaism and Islam and conveyed a message of disapproval toward Christianity. Some conservative commentators, bloggers and organizations sided with Skoros and used her lawsuit to help illustrate the “war on Christmas” that they say exists in the U.S.

The 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals concluded last year that no objective observer would believe it was the city’s purpose to denigrate Christianity, even if the Department of Education erred in characterizing a Jewish menorah and an Islamic star and crescent as secular symbols.

Instead, the court said, the actual and perceived purpose of the holiday display policy was to use holiday celebrations to encourage respect for the city’s diverse cultural traditions. 

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