Hallmark Cries Uncle, Stops Selling Gay Ornament

Nobody seemed to be happy with Hallmark‘s decision to defend their changing the words of the Christmas carol “Deck the Halls” on an ornament design made available this year. The controversial ornament is no longer available to buy (thus making it more collectible and valuable in the process, is this a great country or what?).

The ornament was fashioned after the popular trend of ugly Christmas sweaters and bore the words “Don we now our fun apparel”, a take-off of words from the classic song “Don we now our gay apparel”. The change was immediately interpreted as over-the-top political correctness which Hallmark chose to defend by saying they changed the word because “gay” has meaning that was not present in society back when the song was written.

“By that logic they should have changed the word “Don”, too” noted one observant online critic. “When was the last time you heard someone say “Time to don this?”

The backlash against Hallmark has been swift and coast to coast. Even some in the gay community took offense at the commentary and expressed anger and frustration with Hallmark because the uproar made it appear members of the gay community pressured Hallmark into making the change.

Hallmark has finally relented, pulling the ornament from sale and apologizing for the whole affair:

“We’ve been surprised at the wide range of reactions expressed about the change of lyrics on this ornament, and we’re sorry to have caused so much concern,” Hallmark wrote in its most recent release. “We never intend to offend or make political statements with our products and in hindsight, we realize we shouldn’t have changed the lyrics on the ornament.”

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