Greenpeace Cashes in on Christmas with Scary Santa

Greenpeace UK has released a video depicting a very depressed, scary Santa portrayed by gravelly voice Downton Abbey actor Jim Carter.

In the video, a dirty, sweaty and unkempt Santa drops his gloomy eyebrows and threatens to put world leaders on his naughty list if the world doesn’t act quickly to save the ice at the North Pole (which scientists claim have increased this year, a slight dismissal of the facts).

And, oh yeah, kids, Christmas is canceled:

What’s the world to do with this? Doesn’t this just make Greenpeace like all the corporate entities they protest? Aren’t they exploiting Christmas?

Yep. No doubt about it.

Of course, no parent is going to show this to their kids. But have no fear — the schools probably will.

And as for Carter, well, we knew Carson was too good to be true. When rich, conservative Lord Grantham finds out he’s moonlighting as Santa for Greenpeace he’ll be sent packing.

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