Georgia TV Station Stunned By Christmas Decorations

Television news station WJCL cannot believe that with 114 days until Christmas that stores would actually put out seasonal decorations for sale. In a report touting the statistics of Christmas sales versus other seasons the “consumer reporter” tried to make a case for the merchandising but then showed nothing but clips of consumers who think it is “too early” for Christmas to be on the shelves.

This is a great example of lousy journalism and a total lack of media research in a topic. Any kind of search into merchandising routines would reveal that not only do retailers put out Christmas product four months or more ahead of time but they do so as well for other seasons.

This report, as typical of local TV news, fails to talk to one of the retailers in question or to represent any opposing views on the topic.

What is strange about this is that the report comes from the south, where Christmas and decorating is wildly popular compared to other areas of the country. But as is typical of the media reports we tend to see this time of the year, that wasn’t in the story either.

Don’t think these media complaints of Christmas-too-early are limited to the US. Here is another report from Sydney, Australia that even went so far as to consult clergy on the topic, turning the topic into a moral issue for some.

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