Georgia Christmas Bill Closer to Passage

Another step was taken this week in Georgia where house legislators overwhelmingly approved that state’s version of the Merry Christmas Bill, which would allow for the celebration of Christmas in Georgia public schools without fear of frivolous lawsuits. One final vote in the Senate is all that is needed before the bill would go to the governor for signing.

The Georgia House voted 119-52 to approve Senate Bill 283 Tuesday, which would allow educators to use phrases like “Merry Christmas” in schools.

The bill also allows teachers to display traditional religious and nonreligious holiday images and greetings, as long as at least two traditions are included.

Schools may educate students about the history of “traditional winter celebrations” according to the legislation, as well as offer “traditional greetings” regarding those celebrations such as “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hanukkah.”

Whether the bill will become a law will depend on at least one more vote, as the House changed some of the language of the bill, and it must go back to the Senate for approval. The Senate’s initial vote on the bill passed 43-8 on February 4th.

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