Garden City Residents Fight Back

Last week we told you of a Long Island, New York school board who wanted to rename an annual Christmas concert to a “winter concert” and move it to February, citing the reference to Christmas as “offensive”.

Citizens are not taking this lying down. Here is a recent letter-to-the-editor:

First let me say, I am a homeowner in Garden City Park and my husband and I also grew up here. One of the reasons we chose to stay and raise our family here is because of the wonderful traditions our community has. Growing up in this town gave us memories we wanted to pass to our children. For Dr. Cohn to try to change our traditions is an outrage. The “Christmas Concerts” have been a staple in our schools for as long as I can remember.

Dr Cohn, when you chose to accept the position of superintendent, you knew what kind of community this was. I am sorry you had to work on Christmas Day, but the only businesses that stay open in this town are 7 Eleven and the gas stations. Unless these were your previous employments, I cannot image a business that forces people to work on Dec. 25. The Fire Departments hang wreathes and lights on Jericho Turnpike and Hillside Avenue and every block has families who take pride in hanging their lights and decorations. Our town hall has a tree lighting ceremony. This is who we are.

Dr. Cohn stated that using the words “Christmas Concert” is offensive. I find the fact that she has come into our community and is trying to change a way of life we are accustomed to offensive. There are many other districts out there that I’m sure would fit her ideals better.

Many residents of NHP/GCP have been here for generations. Yes, I know our community is changing, but like Dr. Cohn, they came here knowing what our town and schools were about and it was their choice to live here. Trying to change our Christmas Concert and move it to February will not be taken lightly. I, personally, will not allow my children to participate if this happens.

It is at this time that I ask my friends, my community to speak up, lend their voices and fight to keep our traditions, keep what has made this town our town for generations. Dr. Cohn is a guest here, this is her 9 – 5, this is not her home.

Michele Chambers

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