Full Court Media Press on Christmas Creep Under Way

Right on time and as predicted, the media — which, ironically, makes their living through advertising — is mocking their advertisers by launching their annual complaints of Christmas creep. Leading the charge is this snarky video from MotleyFool.com:

The fools at MotleyFool.com are not alone. CNBC, Daily Finance, Business Insider, InsiderMonkey.com, RetailWire.com, Consumerist, and even — gasp! — Fox News whined about it this week.

Know what all these media outlets have in common? They are supposedly experts. In fact, they should know better. They are complaining at EXACTLY the same time as they complained about this last year.

“Christmas creep” is, like the war on Christmas itself, totally false. It isn’t real. Christmas does not come earlier and earlier every year as almost all the media experts listed above complain.

In fact, the argument could be made that Christmas is a little late this year. Thanksgiving falls on November 28th, giving this season several fewer days to “sell Christmas” than in years past. If Christmas creep were, in fact, real, retailers who are all too aware of the late date of Thanksgiving would have scheduled their ads to begin more than a month ago. But they didn’t. They waited until after Labor Day — which that they have done for decades.

You see, it is kind of a rule in retail. You don’t sell summer clothes until February 1st, you don’t put out Back to School until after July 4th and you don’t do Christmas until after Labor Day. That was true 100 years ago and it is true today. Christmas isn’t any earlier than it ever has been.

Now, if the past is any indicator, complaining about Christmas creep will peak right around the middle of October, when the annual lament of “let’s celebrate fall first” begins, a chorus where the media cries about the maligned celebrations of Halloween and Thanksgiving being over-shadowed by Christmas.

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