Freedom From Religion Foundation Threatened School Board

The school board in Petroskey, Michigan publicly blamed one of their own for refusing to change their “Winter Break” to “Christmas Break”. But in reality, it was contact from the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” that sealed the deal.

On August 18th, 2009, the board unamimously voted to change “Winter Break” to “Christmas Break”. It was a done deal. There was no outcry from the public, no debate and no controversy.

Then the Freedom From Religion Foundation stepped in with a letter claiming that the school board had violated the U.S. Constitution and threatening legal action.

The school board couldn’t run away from the controversy fast enough. In an age where schools fight for every penny to fund themselves the power of the money — or the potential loss of it — does more to dictate policy than anything else.

I wonder what the bullying policy is in Petroskey schools. Maybe they need one after showing no backbone to the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the students and parents they serve.

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