Freedom From Religion Foundation Attacks Knights of Columbus

A holiday sign that reads, “Keep Christ in Christmas,” is causing controversy in a New Jersey town.

Pittman, NJ, residents believe the Knights of Columbus banner is appropriate for the season, but the Freedom from Religion Foundation objects to the hanging of the banner.

“I think it’s absolutely wonderful to put that sign up; Christ is Christmas,” said Maria Marandino.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation, which believes in the separation between church and state, says the sign violates the U.S. Constitution.

“It’s a group endorsing religion over a public right of way. Now, whether its county property or borough property, again I don’t know,” said group consultant for the Freedom from Religion Foundation Andrew Seidell. “We’ve asked them to tell us that and have not yet heard back from them.”

Mayor Michael Batten says the sign is hanging on private property over a county road and he does not want to see it removed.

“I think it’s a sad state of affairs that in our country we [kowtow] to the minority and not the majority of people that would like to see things like that stay,” Batten said.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation says they will look for private property on which to post their sign.

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