Fox News Blows School Christmas Color Controversy Out of Context

Fox News rushed to report a Florida elementary school that had sent a letter dictating what could and could not be used in holiday celebrations in the coming weeks:

A school in Florida has not only banned Christmas – but everything associated with the Christian holiday.

Teachers at Heathrow Elementary School have been ordered to banish images of Santa Claus from classrooms – along with traditional Christmas colors like red and green.

“You can’t use red and green,” one outraged parent told WESH. “It’s ridiculous.”

The parent, who serves as a volunteer room mother, said she was recently given a list of guidelines that listed the holiday restrictions.

She said the basic theme of the letter was, “We don’t want to offend anyone who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus or the Christian beliefs.”

It turns out the Fox reporter didn’t contact the school or verify the claims being made. Here is the text of a letter later sent by the school:

The school district of Seminole County would like to correct the recent news stories regarding the “ban of red and green” at Heathrow Elementary School in Lake Mary, Florida. The banning of red and green is simply not true.

Out of respect for their diverse community, the common practice for December classroom activities has been a winter theme which can include red, green, or any color.

Unfortunately the principal of the school was not contacted by any parent prior to the news stories. Parents are encouraged to contact the principal with any questions relating to school policies and practices.

Regina Murray Klaers
Public Information Officer
Seminole County Public Schools

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