Flipping Off the Neighbors with Lights — Again

She’s back. And she is as angry as ever.

Sarah Childs made headlines last year for putting up a string of Christmas lights fashioned to look like a hand with it’s middle finger extended. After a dispute with a neighbor she took to protesting in a very public way via Christmas lights on her roof. Folks complained and the issue went to court, where Childs prevailed under a First Amendment argument.

Now she is back and it is getting really ugly. According to Huffington Post, Childs put up her display again only to have them torn down, cut up and returned to her lawn. So we put up two middle fingers now, effectively doubling down on the effort.

The action is directed towards former neighbor Kayla Weldon:

Weldon believes Childs is pushing buttons with the middle finger-shaped lights in order to get fame.

“She’s crazy! She thinks she’s going to get famous from all of this crap,” Weldon told the station (WWL.com).

But here’s the kicker in this whole modern Hatfield-and-McCoy feud: Childs no longer lives the house where the lights are displayed.

Think folks in Denham Springs, La. have seen enough?

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