FFRF Takes Out Christ, Community Puts in Jesus

Last week we shared the familiar story of a community under attack by an out-of-state entity threatening a lawsuit because of a religious theme to a city’s Christmas parade. The community of Piedmont, Alabama received a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation that they would sue if the city put on a Christmas parade with the theme “Keep Christ in Christmas”. The city council met and told the FFRF, as many communities have before, they would change the theme.

The new theme? Jesus in the Reason for the Season.

Residents lined Piedmont streets for the hour-long parade, which included Boy Scout troops, the high school marching band, beauty queens and several church floats. Many of the participants held hand-lettered signs that read “Keep Christ in Christmas,” and several spectators carried hand-held poster boards with the same message.

The parade was the most popular ever in the history of Piedmont according it the mayor, Bill Baker, who also indicated that most floats represented the theme boldly.

“This anti-religious group that started all this stuff, I really believe this has backfired on them,” Baker told the media. “What has happened now is the city of Piedmont, great city to live in, great people, has rallied. They have caused our parade to be bigger and better with more emphasis placed on Christianity.”

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