Festivus Pole Rankles Florida Faithful

For five years blogger, activist and atheist Chaz Stevens has been fighting for the removal of a nativity scene on city property in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Last week Stevens took matters in his own hands by erecting an 8-foot tall “Festivus Pole” made from Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans. He did obtain a permit from the city for his peaceful protest.

The Festivus Pole is a reference to a classic episode of Seinfeld featuring the made-up holiday of Festivus, “the holiday for the rest of us”. Stevens Festivus Pole stands right next to Deerfield Beach’s nativity scene and menorah.

“Think of how many people have died over the years to give us our freedoms,” Stevens told the Sun Sentinel newspaper. “So I’ve got to push back a little.”

“How to make a statement, without actually making one, was the task at hand,” Stevens told The Daily Caller in an email. “And it was during my research that I came across a video by Allen Salkin (former NYT reporter and author of “Festivus: The Holiday For the Rest of Us”).”

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