Feds Go After Christmas Lights

Your Christmas lights just became a lot more expensive.

A ruling issued on Monday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission claims certain decorations are a “substantial product hazard.” The 39-page report lays out specifications for acceptable seasonal lighting — and it all points to big price increases for seasonal lighting products.

The claim is that Christmas lights are dangerous. Almost 300 deaths have been linked to Christmas lights over the past 30 years. The CPSC claims the new regulations will cut down on fatalities associated with Christmas lights.

The ruling includes but is not limited to “stars, wreaths, candles without shades, light sculptures, blow-molded (plastic) figures, and animated figures.”
The CPSC ruling says a product will be noncompliant if it doesn’t “contain any one of three observable characteristics – minimum wire size, sufficient strain relief, or overcurrent protection”.

All “solar-powered products” have been exempted.

To make the ruling more understandable, the CPSC outlined a definition of a Christmas bulb stating, “Lighting products within the scope of the rule are typically used seasonally and provide only decorative lumination.”

“The products typically are displayed for a relatively short period of time and are then removed and stored until needed again.”

This is taxpayer money “at work” folks.

The CPSC maintains the ruling is listed as a “voluntary standard.” Manufacturers and retailers, however, may face possible civil and “criminal penalties” for failing to report products that are not in compliance with the new regulation

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