Farrakhan Calls for Blacks to Boycott Christmas

A new wrinkle in the lead up to Christmas 2015 comes from the lips of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan who is encouraging black consumers to boycott Christmas claiming “white business” enjoys a bonanza thanks to black consumers.

Quoting Martin Luther King, Farrakhan said, “He said ‘we have to find a way to redistribute the pain,’ He talked about going to businesses that benefited from black dollars and he said, ‘We have to now withdraw our economic support, so that those who give us pain can receive some pain in return.’”

Farrakhan quickly added this disclaimer, “We intend to boycott Christmas, but not Jesus. We think that they have taken advantage of us and our consumer dollars by materializing the respect and honor of Jesus and making it a bonanza for white business.”

This is part of what is being called the “Justice or Else” campaign. ““So the ‘or else’ for us is you’re either going to treat us right or we’re going to withdraw our economic support.”

Farrakhan lamented how “a white man from the North Pole with eight reindeer can knock Jesus to the curb” and even suggested that pastors all across the country shouldn’t even be buying Christmas trees.

This rhetoric is coming at a time when racism has entered the public dialogue about Christmas like no other time in history.

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