False News of Bill O’Reilly Punching Santa Fools Haters

The Daily Currant is not a serious news website. That does not stop the world from reporting what they read there as actual news. On December 26th The Daily Currant posted a story about Bill O’Reilly getting arrested for punching out a Macy’s Santa Claus on Christmas Eve for saying “Happy Holidays” to him. Like everything posted at the parody website, it was not true. But that does not seem to stop the O’Reilly haters from, well, hating more.

The Twitter universe is alive today with plenty of heat for Bill O’Reilly, as reported at Twitchy.com.

It just goes to show how ridiculous the other side in the War on Christmas can be, too.

O’Reilly is guilty of plenty of his own War on Christmas sins. But I can just imagine the phone call he got from his mother this week. “Billy, did you really punch out Santa?”

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